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We had another thunderstorm roll over us late yesterday evening, but woke up to a sparkly sunny morning with the sun reaching out over the water soaked western plains of NSW. The dogs had another quick run in the main paddock before we packed up and got ourselves organised to be back onto the road.

We had planned to travel across country a little longer before joining up with the Newell Highway just south of Gilgandra, but missed the turn at Narromine and ended up on the Mitchell Highway into Dubbo. It didn’t really make much difference distance wise, and probably was a better option road wise given there had been quite a bit of water and road damage on the road from Tullamore to Narromine. Anyway, we stopped briefly in Dubbo for petrol, then left the Newell again at Gilgandra to join the Castlereagh Highway. We also stopped for a while in Gilgandra where I picked up some groceries as well as a couple of pies for lunch. Because it was still a bit rainy in Gilgandra and because we had already passed most of the nice picnic spots along the river, we thought we might keep driving for a while and pull into the next rest stop, regardless of the weather, to eat our pies.

Well, the next rest stop turned out to be David Gillon park (any relation Gill/Rob??) just outside Gulargambone, which was about where we had planned to stop the night anyway. We ate our, by now, stone cold pies before deciding that this spot was as good as any to stay the night given we knew regardless of where we stopped the night, it was going to a road side stop.

The park was beside a very dry river bed, first one we had seen for a while and a bit unexpected given the recent rain, and had a quite newish covered picnic table and chairs. It was also set back off the road and, rather than being a drive through site, you needed to drive in and park, the drive back out the way you came in. This pretty well stopped any trucks sharing the site with us, and, as it turned out, we had the place to ourselves all night. We seemed to have gotten past any rain, but when the sun went down we were able to watch a magnificent lighting display resulting from lightning in a couple of different storm cells in the distance. We did end up catching the very edge of one of the storms during the night with a bit of wind and rain, but given the traffic noise during the night was almost nil, generally had an uneventful quiet night.

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