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We arrived back in Bangkok nicely on time which is kind of surprising as every other form of transport to date (pretty much without exception) had run late since arriving in Asia. The train terminates at station on the opposite side of the river to the ‘normal’ / main station in Bangkok, and therefore the opposite side of the river to most of the city.

I wandered up the road towards the river and the bus landing to jump on a boat downtown and across to the main area of China town where I had arranged to meet Anoushka, the girl I had original met in Kep, Cambodia – we had been on a walk together which ended up being a bit of an unexpected hike!

Unoriginally we arranged to meet in Starbucks to ensure she had somewhere she could sit and wait if my train was late and I had somewhere to aim towards / wait it I was a bit earlier than expected. I arrived at about 11.30am so grabbed a coffee, logged into the wifi and chilled for a while to wait for her.

It was great to catch up with her and one of things I really do love about travelling – she is someone I literally met and spent an afternoon with while in a completely different country…. our plans meant our paths happen to have crossed again and so we were able to just hang out for another afternoon. It is also another reason why I like social media….. as much as many people give it a bad rep, used well it can be an incredible way to share fun things and stay in touch with people without maintaining the one to one direct contact with everyone. Thanks to my travelling ‘photo of the day’ Anoushka picked up on the fact I was back in Thailand and we were able to reconnect again. It’s great.

We went on an explore for some streetfood….not difficult to come across in China Town! We found a lovely little stall nestled inside some of the market stalls where we devoured a really good pork noodle soup before taking a stroll through the indoor market streets and through the city towards a ‘view point’ that had been highlighted on our Maps.ME app. Arriving it was a bit something and nothing but it was nice to have the walk through the city and experience the slightly crazy nature of the Chinatown markets whilst having a catch up.

At about 3pm I decided to get on my way back to Amanda’s, I was beginning to feel the impact of my terrible night sleep the night before along with the dust from the train and the general dirty nature of Bangkok I felt pretty grubby. A quick metro journey and a walk back I was soon showered and feeling so much better.

Amanda arrived back shortly after I did, we had a quick catch up before she headed for a cycle ride and I had a power nap as I was heading out to meet a couple of girls I had met previously on my travels in the evening.She decided not to join us for dinner as she had been out every evening that week and we had plans to go out, just the two of us the next evening.

At about 6.45pm I met up with Jasmine – who I originally met in Koh Yai Noi on the yoga retreat and her friend Sam who I had met when we caught up in Siem Reap - it was lovely to see them! We were also joined by Jasmine’s aunty who was over from US as she is looking to move her and her daughter over so was in Bangkok to scope out schools.

We had a lovely chicken Thai hot pot meal – cooking it in the middle of the table and then followed it by getting the most ginormous Korean chocolate desert which we shared between the four of us….. it was so bizarre – fake snow covered in chocolate….tasty and surprisingly light! When I had met these two in Siem Reap we had talked about my TransManchurian train journey and as a result they are doing it (in reverse) in the summer…Jazz is then heading to the UK to visit….it is going to be so nice!

When we were done I headed back to Amanda’s for a good sleep before my pampering day in the city the next day!

I woke pretty early (6.30am in fact – no idea why!) and faffed for a bit before heading out for a it of breakfast. My day was a fantastically girly one with some waxing, a mani-pedi, a bit of shopping (just picking up a few bits I needed for the trek in Borneo, lunch and a massage (which was amazing and hurt like hell in equal measures...I’m definitely going to miss having good massages for very little money when I get home!). I pottered back to the apartment feeling nicely refreshed mid-afternoon and had a bit of a swim while waiting for Amanda to get home from work. Amanda’s apartment is so great for a bit of r&r….while waiting for her to have a swim I headed into the jacuzzi, plunge pool, sauna and stream room area before showing and getting ready for our evening.

I had said to Amanda’s that my last evening in Bangkok was on me….drinks at a sky bar followed by some dinner somewhere. We headed to the Marriott ‘Octave’ sky bar – which we arrived at a bit late as were chatting too much on the BTS and managed to miss our stop by two stops….oops! The views were absolutely spectacular and the piercing red sun was just disappearing as we sat down to enjoy our cocktails. Two cocktails down, a lot of putting the world to rights and we headed for dinner. While dinner was on me I obviously had no idea where to go so outsourced the finding of a place to Amanda…. We went to this fantastic little restaurant that really looked like someone’s home - completely wooden, individual little rooms, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the main streets. We had a really tasty final meal, traditional Thai food to finish off my time in Thailand. I am so pleased I’ve had this time with Amanda because, although we know each other through our dads, I really think we cemented a really great friendship in our own right through the time we’ve spent together over the past few months and I’m so looking forward to having her in Europe in the near future.

We headed back to the apartment after a great evening at which point I got myself sorted for the next morning as I was heading to the airport early the next morning to fly to Borneo and meet Sarah for the final part of my trip!

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