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One of the many reasons we loved our Singapore hotel was that it had a laundromat. Once we are on the cruise ship we will pay through the nose for every bit of dirty laundry. Since the cruise itinerary includes hot and steamy ports followed by even more hot and arid ports, dirty clothes will abound. At least we came onboard clean and pressed.

When we are at home planning what and how to do things, we often wonder how much to reserve and nail down versus how much to allow serendipity and local information to determine what we do. Even though we were pretty sure that taxis would be easy to get at the airport, we booked a ride to take us into town when we first arrived. After being in transit for 25 hours and being jet lagged, there is nothing more heart warming that seeing a man with a sign with your name on it as you come out of the luggage hall. It cost more, but it was worth it. We wondered whether we needed to book a ride from the hotel to the port. Most of the taxis here looked a bit small when it comes to the month’s worth of luggage we brought. The hotel clerk assured us that people do it all the time and she was right. The port was a $4 cab ride from the hotel. Reserved limos charged $50. But we don’t always do it right. We bought a one day metro card yesterday and never did use it. We should have remembered how small Singapore is and how nice it is to take an A/C cab from place to place for a few dollars. We’ll save the card with the leftover cash; maybe we’ll use it next time.

Getting onboard the Celebrity Constellation couldn’t have been easier. The port is well staffed and there were no lines. That’s the Singapore way. The ship is considerably smaller than the one we took in February and scheduled for refurbishment after we get off in Europe. However, our first impression is that everything is clean and functional - just not as ooh-la-lah as other ships we have enjoyed. In the harbor our ship was surrounded by myriad commercial ships bobbing in the waves. A fleet of smaller boats travelled back and forth, taking the sailors to and from the shore. For the most part these ships were not container ship, although Singapore is a huge container port. They looked like they were waiting to be loaded unloaded with bulk cargo.

At some point in the planning process id dawned on us that part of this back-to-back cruise overlapped with the cruise and Ken’s sister and her husband were taking. They never really asked us where we were going this spring and we never brought it up. We wondered how long it would take to bump into each other. We got on about noon and nine hours later we heard her familiar voice. Surprise!

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