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beach in Tauranga

Beach in Tauranga 2

Hobbit hole


Arrived in Tauranga at 7.00am - I looked out the balcony window and it was beautiful, so I headed for the shower so I could go and take some photos. Got out of the shower Nd it was hacking it down! Could not see a bloody Thing!

Went to breakfast and then headed it for a walk before our trip to Hobbiton. It was now only drizzling. We were right next to Mount Maunganiu which is an volcano, but did not have time to climb it. It was a beautiful area, and a lovely beaches have with loads of people on it despite the weather. It was pretty warm so we decided idea to leave the jackets in the cabin.

Set off for Hobbiton, which was an hour drive each way.

Got there and it was packed with people at the visitor centre. Think Harry Potter!

If you were into Lord of the Rings, you could have spent a fortune. A guide boarded out coach and we set off for our tour.

The original all site was demolished after the 1st film, but when they returned to make the Hobbit, they decided to make a permanent site that could be used for tourists afterwards. It was Peter Jackson's idea, but the owners of the land were all for it. Apparently they split the profits in 2 - half to Peter Jackson and half to the two brothers who own the land.

We parked the bus and then started our 2 hour waking tour around the site. It was awesome. It was the opposite of Harry Potter, in that this was the outside of all the properties (44 Hobbit holes). Unlike HP which was the internal sets. Thankfully the rain had stopped and we had a great time. We even had a free drink in the green dragon pub.

After a great visit, we returned to the ouch and headed back know to the ship - raining all the way back!

Git back just in time to watch a Maori culture show, including the Haka!

Got changed and went for our 1st speciality meal, which was at the Silk Harvest restaurant. This was a fusion of all Asian type restaurants.

We had Vegetable pancake rolls, beef & chicken satay skewers, more pan are rolls, and then moved on to the main courses. We had Orange Chicken And Charles SUI Pork - both were excellent. Your mum had caramelised banana for dessert, and I had a a white chocolate and coconut rice dish was gorgeous.

We then went for a couple of drinks before the evening show. It was ad enticed as a pianist, so did not jnow what to expect.

Bloody brilliant! The guy could play, but also sang, told jokes and played the guitar. He played mainly Andrew Lloyd Weber and Lennon & McCartney music.

Another drive know then time for bed.

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