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We have two days at sea before we reach Montevideo. A legal requirement is that we have to do the emergency drill every 28 days. So we collect our life jackets and meet in the designated area. We are told to bring warm clothing and hats if it's the real thing. One couple turn up in their jumpers knitted hats and coats! It's 33 degrees and the sweat is dripping off them!

Robert Powell the actor is giving lectures and Ian attends the one on Dickens and throughly enjoys it. We both attend one on Juan and Eva Peron, very interesting. Ian has entertained the ship again with his karaoke singing two songs King of the Road and Seven Drunken Nights by the Dubliners, He's getting to like this!

For the last few weeks we have noticed lots of guests with coughs and sneezes. It has become to be known as the Cunard Cough. Now I have succumbed and go to see the doctor for antibiotics. $208 later I come away with tablets and cough medicine. Makes you grateful for the NHS!

After a very stormy night we wake but realise we are not in the harbour. The captain makes an announcement saying that the Port in Montevideo was closed due to bad weather and he is unsure as to when or if it will open. It is raining and grey. Eventually we are told that we will be allowed in the harbour and dock about 4 hours behind schedule. On the way into the harbour there are several wrecked ships, a bit like a ship graveyard! Not really what you want to see mind you the film shown in our stateroom the other day was The Poseidon Adventure.

Well off to explore...

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