Schneider Antarctica 2017 travel blog

We arrived at Elephant Island early in the morning and were one of the first groups to leave the ship for a zodiac tour around the exact spot where 22 of Shackleton’s men lived for 135 days. While Shackleton and 5 of his men set off in the life boat, James Caird, with hopes of finding South Georgia, his other 22 men that were aboard the Endurance were left on Elephant Island, not knowing if someone would ever come back for them. They lived in two turned over life boats that they made beds in. The tiny island was practically inhabitable for anything besides penguins and seals., which the crew used and ate. On the spot where they waited is a statue of Captain Bardo, the Clilean captain that rescued them after Shackleton found help. We took the zodiac all around the island both in the morning and afternoon exploring the intriguing geology. The winds are blistering here. We were also able to see Macaroni penguins, which are pretty hard to find. The whole island and all of the glaciers were magnificent and it was a very successful first day in Antarctica

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