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Batman and the Princess leaving the event

Princess Belle and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) with Batman

One of our Lodge Christmas Trees

A very Merry Christmas from us

Larry helped Chuck repair the wall a truck drove through

Lunching with Cooley's and Williamsons

At Clearman's North Woods Inn Steak House

Santa was even there

Southern California Christmas weather

Christmas dinner, Mother and sister Missy

Laurel and Juli

Missy and Cheryl

Laurel and boyfriend Matt

Laurel showing me how to take a good Selfie

Sweet 90 year old Mama, Doris.

The Spirit of Christmas (phone app)

Merry Christmas from Larry & Cheryl

Daisy meets Santa

So very true. . . .

December at our Elks lodge is a busy place.

One weekend there was a Christmas Party with Santa for the needy children. They had a couple of surprised quests come visit them. I saw them leaving the event and they were gracious enough to allow me to snap a photo of them. Sweet Princess Belle and Aurora from Disney and Batman (who was really tall and buff).

We volunteer a little where we can, since we are camped here, with the Christmas Basket program. I take the addresses of the needy family and print the maps for the drivers and Larry constructs and tapes the boxes in preparation to filling them with food items.

I have been going daily for Radiation on my nose, the beam is shallow but much larger than I thought it would be. I am becoming Rudolph with a large circle of red encompassing my whole nose. The radiation itself is about 30 seconds, but the skin looks like a bad sunburn. I am applying medicated creams on it 4 - 5 times a day, and it irritates the capillaries inside my nostrils. It is what it is, I will get past this.

We met up with camping friends Bob & Jackie and Bruce & Susan for early dinner at Clearman’s North Woods Inn. It is always nice catching up with these good friends, and the food is always great there.

I took Daisy to see Santa at a local Pet Shop for her photo. This “Real Beard” Santa comes to this pet shop annually but I just found out he is a member of our Elks Lodge. We have two others in our lodge that we are friends with. They are all part of a club called “The Real Beard Santas”.

We finished off our December with dinner at my sister’s again. I appreciate every year that our mother is still with us. At 90 years old, she doesn’t understand how she got this old. She is amazingly youthful looking and sounding for her age. She is still missing her spouse, my father that we lost in 2013.

We will be staying in Garden Grove through at least January due to the medical appointments, so we will miss going to Quartzsite for the first time in twelve years.

Larry and Cheryl hope you all had a wonderful year and a peaceful, loving Christmas.

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