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Camp Verde to Ehrenberg

Southbound past the Prescott cutoff

Through the Mountains

Now at the altitude for Saguaro Cactus

Driving past metro Phoenix

Lovely green desert

One of several dirt devils we've seen out here

Nice to see all this greenery

Over the mountains coming closer to the border

Colorado River of our campground

Lovey sunset over the Colorado River

Sunset now shining pink colors on the mountains

What a peaceful resting place along the river

Today we will stop at Ehrenberg, AZ on the Colorado river border with Califoania. As we headed south on Highway 17 from the Sedona area we saw the cutoff to Prescott, where we have visited in the past. Then we ran into the crazy traffic of the Metro Phoenix area and scooted around the outskirts to avoid the main part of town.

It was lovely to see such greenery in the desert along the way, they must have had enough rain this summer to keep it green. We connected with Interstate 10 and passed through Quartzsite and over the mountains just east of the Colorado River. We stopped for fuel and lunch at the Truck Stop at Exit #5.

Then we checked in to our campground on the river set up and took Daisy for a nice walk along the river and beach. It is so peaceful and quiet along the Colorado River. Just a few sea birds calling and the ripple of the river.

It was still pretty warm outside so a nap was in order. I called my Mother to wish her a Happy Birthday as today was her 90th birthday. She said “How did I get this old? I don’t feel old.”

After dinner, we ventured out to sit in the Jacuzzi for a while. It was so quiet and the stars were bight in the dark sky. There was a father and son in the Jacuzzi for a while with us and we enjoyed their conversation. Tomorrow will end our summer travels and we’ll be back in our membership campground in Banning. It was a wonderful summer of traveling.

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