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Grants NM down to Sedona & Camp Verde AZ

Seeing more and more red Rock formations

Larger and more colorful

Whoa, another long military support train

Military trucks and support vehicles

Rain again but with a rainbow

Very long trains out here with majestic buttes

Amazing Buttes

Lovely green desert

I love the colors out here

Another Souvenir Stop

Shaped by winds and water over the centuries

Good Grief - Another Military train with tanks

Sooooo many tanks

More eroded red rock of Arizona

And now some white rock formations

Gallup, New Mexico



"Galloop" as seen from the interstate

It's called Galloop (Gallup Loop)

I love the sunny bright wildflowers


Another tourist stop at the border of AZ

Welcome to Arizona

More that 100 years a state

Colorful barn

Whimsical dinosaurs

Another fun tourist stop built into a butte

Not sure what this is but it looks Native American

Interesting ruins

Exit for Meteor Crater

Picture of Meteor Crater from above

Flaggstaff ahead

Here is the sign for the exit of Twin Arrows

Here is Twin Arrows

Not another military equipment train !!

Wonder where they are headed?

Wonder if we should worry?

Passing by Humphrey's Peak, Flagstaff.

Higher altitude now, we're in the pines

Coconino National Forest

Red Rock of Sedona

Kokopelli playing his flute and dancing

Overlooking the rolling hills of Camp Verde

Settled in to our shady spot

Goat next door was trying to escape

Driving back into Sedona

So much amazing scenery

What a beautiful place to live

Visiting the Sedona Elks Lodge

Lounge windows and patio facing the red rocks

Indian cave drawing painting in the lodge

View from the lounge

As we left Grants NM for Sedona, we had plans to stay at the Sedona Elks Lodge on the hill near the airport so we would have a beautiful view. After reading the comments on the RVing Elks Parking website, we changed our minds and headed to Camp Verde past Sedona. The Sedona Elks RV spaces are 30 amp (and it’s HOT), the sites are slightly sloped down in front (not good for our coach) and it is $30 a night. Verde River RV Park in Camp Verde (former Western Horizon membership) is cheaper with full hook ups.

We had very hard side winds and rain until Flagstaff, then sunny the rest of the way. After checking in to our campsite, Daisy and I went for a walk. At the end of the campground was a rural house with farm animals. We came across a goat who was feverishly trying to dig his way under the chain link fence. He immediately stopped and looked the other way when we approached, like we didn’t see him digging.

We had lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Camp Verde and then went to Sedona Elks for couple drinks. We were a little disappointed that trees had grown up to block some of the amazing red rock view. They had a private party coming in for dinner in bar, so we didn’t stay long.

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