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Oklahoma to New Mexico

Oklahoma is pretty darn windy

Crops and Cattle

Freshly plowed beautiful red earth

Red Earth Butte

We're getting heavy side winds, see the flag?

Welcome to Texas

Texas panhandle is pretty flat

Interesting, Gov't plates, lots of antennas - who are they tracking?

Not totally flat, there's a little hill

Strange - building in a hill

Man-made hill, it's a rest stop.

We are seeing a lot of these wind generators

Land is getting a little rugged here

Wow are these huge!

Famous Inspirational Rest Stop

Stations of the Cross

This attraction was deliberately built on a slant

Enticing sign for a free steak

Only if eaten in one hour

Windy in Amarillo

Miles and miles of corn fileds

And miles of Wind Generators

Very tall grain storage

Cows enjoying watching the cars go by

Scenery changing again, buttes beginning

Another Butte

Old fashioned wind generator

Welcome to New Mexico

Land of Enchantment

Layers of erosion

Must really get windy here or poor construction

Dinosaurs used to dwell here

Tucumcari Mtn. on the horizon

Colorful crops

Our camp for the night

Tucumcari Elks Lodge

Camp spots wide open

Route 66 in Tucumcari NM

Cruising along Route 66

More historical Route 66

Historic Property along 66

All so very 1960's on the Mother road

Today we left for Tucumcari, NM deciding to travel all the way through the Texas panhandle. If we stayed in Texas we would have to stop at an inspection station to get our vehicles checked for their Safety Inspection Stickers. Not a good idea since one of our headlights are out and we’re planning on getting it fixed later.

One of the tourist attractions along Interstate 40 in Texas is Exit 112 rest stop, which has an enormous white cross and the “Stations of the Cross”. Here is an explanation of the Groom Cross.

Oklahoma was very windy, as is the Texas panhandle. The proof in is the photos of very large flags flying straight out and the many wind generator fields.

As we neared the Texas-New Mexico border we began seeing buttes, which became more evident within New Mexico. We stopped for the night at the Tucumcari Elks.

We went out to lunch along Historic Route 66 after we set up at the Elks. Route 66 is caught in a time warp of the 1960’s. After lunch, we went into the lodge to pay our donation and got a cool drink. We relaxed a while in our coach and then went back in the lodge for WiFi and socializing.

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