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An infinite archway of petunias

The Burj in flowers

Carpet of flowers

Entrance to mall

Grand lion fountain

Inside mall

I've had so much fun and now it's my last day in Dubai. We went to Miracle Garden today. An incredible place. It has been open since Valentine's Day 2013 and of course, it's the largest natural flower garden in the world with 100 million flowers covering 7200 sq meters. It cost 11 million dollars to build. I hope you get a sense of the splender of the place from the photos. Must tell about getting to the garden. Took a wrong exit and Penny saw where we should be. She left the pavement driving onto the sand, over a sand bank to get to the road she wanted. I was the only passenger in her vehicle that laughed and said "weeeee" as we climbed up a sand bank. I thought it was great fun and looking at the tracks, Penny was not the only one to take the shortcut.

I have also included photos of inside IBN mall as its no ordinary mall with huge tall ceilings, waterfalls,3 food courts and I don't know how any shops, lots.

I shall savor so many memories of a wonderful Family Christmas and a New Year that was unforgettable. The best part was spending time with family, so much joy, love, reminiscing.

Dubai is such a remarkable place. I love the skyline with all its magnificent buildings. The palm trees, the bougenvilla, the jasmine, the eggplant, all wow me. Did I mention we ate cherries the other day from Chile? The produce is fantastic

Vehicles here are in a different level as lexis, peugots, BMWs, land rovers are almost commonplace. Wealth is evident.

Dubai is like I other city I've ever seen. Love Dubai.

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