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High Population Density

Local dancers

This port town was very interesting. We walked 20,000+ steps around all kinds of interesting areas. It started with a walk through the local fish market. The town is a big fish exporter and the locals eat fresh fish purchased right from the markets each day. Stall after stall of fish being prepared for purchase -- none of it stored on ice and lots of cubed little cups of raw fish with onions and tomatoes that stayed for sell at 6 hours that we saw it there (as we came and went through the market to get other places). Again, nothing on ice -- not sure about how that all plays out with folks health but we didn't try any of it. :). Then we walked toward "town" and we encountered a street fair --- the whole four blocks of their town streets were closed off and became an outdoor mall. Kids were out of school for the summer break and all kinds of little impromptu performances on the streets. It was VERY CROWDED and Terry was hyperventilating from so many people ( not literally, just figuratively).

It was an opportunity to see a Chilean city in action around their own holiday processes not cruise ships and we really found it interesting. Still amazing to be in a non-english speaking population who play english Christmas albums in their stores - can't understand why they don't have artist who create spanish versions of the songs!

It was a good day and we enjoyed it. One amazing thing also was how crowded the housing options were. It was a hillside going up from the ocean and it was so heavily housed that the density level was very high.

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