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Ships location December 18 at sea

Ships location December 19 at sea

During these two days at sea we are headed to northerner 𯇨𯇱 Chile. It will take two days to get there.

Yesterday when we were at San Martin/Pisco, the passengers who went on the very expensive excursion to Machu Picchu caught back up with the ship after being off for three days. They departed early on the first day i Lima, and the San Martin stop was mostly to give them a place to fly back in and resume sailing with the rest of the ship. We saw a couple of very interesting archaeology talk about how crowded Manchu Picchu is now and how regulated the viewing is. Some of the returning guests talked about being allowed only 2 hours 30 minutes at the site because there are over 2, 500 visitors A DAY at the site. You have to have an entry ticket well in advance and it sets the time you are allowed on the ruins, and lots of areas now roped off use to be available to visitors. These folks paid roundtrip air fare, three nights extra lodging and food, a train ride up to the site, a guide required to be with you --- and who knows what else ...IN ADDITION to the fact that they were still paying for those days on the cruise too. Some described it as a line of people that just kept flowing through the roped walking path and you better look fast because the line is moving right along and you can't get out of line.

I think the video from the ship re: Machu Picchu would have been a much better deal :)

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