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I'm trying to resurrect this section of the trip now that we are in BA (Buenos Aires) with wifi. Unfortunately Terry's camera chip is refusing to import to my ipad so no pictures are available for the El Chaco section. It was a bit of a surprise to see the village since we thought the ship was taking everyone in to Pisco - that was the stop advertised. But the little shuttle you paid for only took us to a close by village - small in size and the casualty of several earthquakes given the tumbled down buildings that have not been rebuilt. Terry has some good pictures of the small one person fishing boat fleet and the few blocks of market stalls. One of the most unusual things we remember about this little village was the large number of dogs laying the roads, the sidewalks, the little cafe, etc etc. Most of them did not seem to be associated with any person and so I believe there is a large unregulated abandoned dog culture. It explains why the travel books mentioned rabies as something to be careful about. We have not seen a similar things at any of our other stops so I think it is related to the village.

Regarding the Pisco area - the port of Pisco was established in 1640 for the exportation of pisco -- a wine 𯍷 made by pisco grapes grown in this area.

It is also the "Peru Galapagos" and there were excursions out to see the Humbolt Penguin, pelicans, sea lions, etc.

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