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Such an impressive chandelier.

Just one of the rooms for the celebrations

The Burj iin all its splender

Just a sample of the fireworks.

Cold fishes dishes served on ice sculptures

The fun continues and the days fly by. The day before New Years we did a sunrise picnic on the beach, Jumeirah beach. It was so fun to paddle around in the warm, salty water and to collect shells. It has been very foogy in the mornings with the dew so heavy,anything outside is wet. It also makes for a chilly morning. We were fortunate during our beach morning as it was not foggy. We left the beach before it got too hot. Perfectly fun. I noticed that there is a nice bike path along the beach.

New Year's Eve was unbelievable, incredible and over the top, WOW. Hard to describe but I'll try. The evening began with a driver coming to get us in his Lexis. I include photos of the hotel, Al Qasr, where we celebrated. Trying to give you an idea of the immense building all lit up and the beautiful location on the beach. To my absolute delight the Burj al arab was right in my sight and I admired it all evening. The food was beyond anything I've ever experienced with whole areas of different food offerings from seafood, hot or cold, sushi, salads, British corner, different liver dishes, Indian food, beef, chicken, etc. Then there were stations of vodka drinks, bourbon and my fav, mojitos. Darn good mojitos too. I feasted mostly on lobster hot and cold and prawns made several different ways. The champagne flowed and as soon as your glass emptied even a little, a waiter was right there to fill up your glass. Fun to people watch since everyone was all dressed up, glitter galore.

The coming of midnight was an adventure as the crowd all made their way to the beach. I was thoroughly delighted to have a very clear view of the Burj and to watch these magnificent fireworks with the Burj all lit up beside the fireworks. I will never forget welcoming 2017, memorable indeed. I have video of the fireworks but can't seem to load it on this journal. It is on FB.

Happy New Year!!!!

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