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Yup...definitely doomed....

N.Z.'s favorite ice cream goes back eighty years, and is it ever spectacular! Definitely, to rival Ireland's.

For a few months I lived by the Tip Top factory and my "cobber" and I (that used to be Aussie-speak for good friend, or in this case, missionary companion) actually booked our own private tour, although we were not "behind the glass" but right out on the factory floor, and the cost was zip.

Anyway, I am a slave to Rum and Raisin.

Whenever I get hold of a Tip Top rum and raisin cone, it reminds me of the many, many things I love about Kiwis and their country. So, anyway, my rum and raisin consumption is getting a bit absurd. Perhaps the sure way for me to break the habit is to leave the country...coming up shortly.

Today the weather has been rainy, then bright, then rainy...etc..... If it is sunny, wait five minutes and you could be wet!

There are a few negatives about this place, of course (but ONLY a few). Mattresses are much too likely to sag, in comparison with the States. And I swear: No matter what laundromat clothes dryers may say about the availability of a "delicate" cycle, there REALLY is only one option: HOT. So my synthetics are pretty much cooked! Dang!

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