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Small roads from Athens, AL to Coldwater, MS

Yep, rain again

Kudzu growing everywhere

The Elk River flows into the Tennessee River

We had to back track, could not cross the O'Neil Bridge

Florence Canal for shipping traffic

We crossed the Singing River Bridge over the Tennessee

Tuscumbia is the birthplace of Helen Keller

It also has the Music Hall of Fame

Music Hall of Fame

Lovely reflection on Bear Creek

Entering Mississippi

Welcome to Mississippi

Yellow Creek has a little boat launch ramp

Another place to come back to another time

More cotton fields

And more rains following us

Fall colors beginning to show

A slight roller coaster road

Southaven is a border town south of Tennessee

Funny, dinosaurs in a garden store

Southaven, Mississippi Harley Davidson store

Another heavy storm ahead

Visiting Cheryl's cousin Tony and Jennifer

Ghostly Cicadas marching up the tree bark

They leave their outer skeleton behind

Gathering at the table after dinner

My cousin Tony that we visited in 2010 is just a few hours away in northern Mississippi. We took scenic and small roads instead of going up to the interstate and over. It was raining again this morning, will it ever end?

There was more Kudzu along the side of the road, overgrowing everything. We saw several smaller rivers that flowed into the Tennessee River. At one river crossing, in Florence Alabama, our GPS was going to take us over the O’Neil Bridge but at the last moment there were signs saying that no trucks or RV were allowed over the bridge. Yikes, we pulled off onto a side street and I called the local highway patrol to explain our situation, asking if we could cross here. We were told that the bridge was being worked on and heavy vehicles were not safe to cross there. We had to reroute to the east and cross the Tennessee River on a different bridge.

As we were nearing Muscle Shoals, we saw a sign indicating the birthplace of Helen Keller in the town of Tuscumbia. I made a note to check out the museum the next time we are near here. There was also a Music Hall of Fame here in Tuscumbia, AL.

We crossed into Mississippi and were crossing several rivers and creeks. There was another Civil War Interpretive Center, so much history here, and cotton fields.

It started raining again, harder this time as we got nearer my cousin’s town of Southhaven, and more rain on our way to the campground. Luckily it stopped as we arrived in the campground, so it was easier to set up.

We drove up to see my cousin and his significant other, Tony & Jennifer. They live in a lovely modular home park with shade trees in between the units. As we sat out in the screened in porch chatting, I glanced outside at their tree and was startled to see a ghostly army of Cicadas shells on their tree. I had to go out and take photos of this. It was an eerie sight.

Cicadas do not actually shed their skin. What cicadas do is called motling, and its not skin that they shed of, rather, it is their exoskelton. Their skeleton! Insects, you see, have their skeleton outside their body, and these skeleton pratically, do not grow. But the cicadas grow, and so they frequently need a bigger "shell" or a bigger exoskeleton.

Tony had invited Daisy to come with us, but we had to cut our visit a little short after dinner because Daisy was trying to find their cat that was hiding in the bedroom. She wanted so badly to play with the cat, that she was getting very annoying.

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