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Here we are at Lemoore Naval Air Station

On the way to the RV park

A new sign, Finally! "RV check in"

It was cold and clear in Red Bluff last night, so it was a bit brisk this morning. We might be in California, but you still need a coat. We got underway at 0830, in the bright sunshine. A nice day to travel, and the other drivers were very polite today.

We had a fuel stop at Dunmire, as there is a big truck stop there. And boy was it busy. But Spike picked a good lane, and we were done pretty quickly. Zoey got a quick walk in and we were on our way again. Today we had to get through Sacramento and Stockton. Spike always dreads Sacramento because of the traffic, but we went thru without a hitch at around 11:00 am. Stockton is always busy as the lanes squeeze down from 3 to 2 as everyone jockeys for position.

And I always smile as we see the sign for Sharp depot, as we stayed there one time before it closed. It was a small park with lots of jack rabbits and Zoey just had a field day chasing them in the open field. She liked it because she was off the leash. But there was a dog food factory near there that was pretty stinky too.

All was good today as we saw lots of hills, and farmland. The road is rough though. Those Californians still have not got those transitions fixed. They are really rough between the bridges and the hiways. Zoey was not amused. She keeps popping up her head from her bed, looking at Dad, like it is his fault!

We arrived at Lemoore Naval Air Station at 15:30. As you can see from the photo, the building where you check in, is finally well marked. No more wandering from building to building looking for the RV check in. And they had assigned us a site number, so we could at least park first.

I keep wondering what electronic glitch will assail me tonight. Sunday night it was 45 minutes on the phone with Pumjab from dish network trying to update the TV receiver and then 2 more calls to get the local channels loaded. Poor Spike thought he was never going to get any dinner, or TV. Last night I couldn't get my photos from my phone to upload to the computer. Tonight things look good, for now!

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