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Crossing Appalachians down to Beckley, WV

Whimsical hair salon in Manor PA

Gotta pay the toll to enter

Another patriotic barn

Connellsville, at the Youghiogheny River

Crossing the Youghiogheny River

These are common in PA, WV & NC

Paying the toll to leave Pennsylvania

Thanking us for paying for their road

West Virginia is very hilly & forested

Welcome to West Virginia

Cheat Lake below us

Cheat Lake is quite large

More of Cheat Lake

Very hilly ahead

Coal Man

All red heavy equipment, must be Kubota

Large West Virginia logo on the roadside

Miles and miles of hilly forests

Behind a truck carrying a carnival ride

Cute little '57 Chevy cars

Another West Virginia logo

Summerville Lake from Highway 19

Layers of hills ahead

New River Gorge Bridge

New River

Photographer, George Lisi's image of the bridge we crossed

Mountains ahead

Beckley City park with Coal Mining Exhibition

Raleigh County Coal Mines

West Virginia Coal Miners Memorial

From a hill top you can see forever

Another high spot

Princeton, WV Elks Lodge

Very large lodge building

Princeton's Veterans Memorial

Nice lounge

And their own Golf Course

We stayed at Manor Elks through the Labor Day weekend, so it's finally time to mosey on.

Leaving Pennsylvania and entering West Virginia is very hilly, so there are some toll roads to make travel easier. WV is a proud state and has large WV logos all along the highways.

Traveling along the highway we had a moment of delight as we passed a truck carrying a carnival ride with whimsical little ’57 Chevy cars of many colors. Ah, to be a child again.

The state is heavily forested and many rivers run through the valleys and create lakes. There was a sign, before we crossed a bridge, that piqued my interest and I had to look up the bridge name on my smart phone. We were crossing the New River Gorge, and I could barely see the river below. I found a photo online taken by photographer George Lisi that took my breath away to see how high and long the bridge was from the overhead view. In the photo, you can even see the curve of the earth. Yikes!

We are staying overnight in a City RV Park with an exhibit of the Coal Miners of Raleigh County. They had a tourist attraction of going down into a coal mine, but we passed on the offer. We’ve been down inside mines before and they are really cold and a bit claustrophobic for our liking.

For the evening we chose to visit the closest Elks Lodge over in Princeton. It was a beautiful drive on the way there. The lodge had a golf course and a small group of friendly folks inside. Yes, got my lodge pin.

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