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While we were at the campground near Limoges we didn't do very much except look ahead to where we were going to go. The first day was lovely but the weather changed to bitter cold.

We headed south once again today and intended to drive about 290 miles to an aire at Carcassone. We could not find any campground open between Limoges and Carcassone. Not sure the French have woken up to the fact that camping is just not a summer activity!

We were later than we would have liked when we arrived in Carcassone only to discover the motorhome aire had been converted to a bus only parking with no indication as to where the new motorhome parking was located. This had changed since March when we had used the aire on our return from Spain. What did we do?

We decided we would contact the campground at Elne near the Spanish/French border to see if we go in a day earlier than we had planned but because we had to drive another 80 miles we would not get there until after 7pm. They were fine texting us with the access code. Fortunately we knew the site from our visit last winter so went to the same spot at the back of the campground.

It was the first time in Europe we had driven the coach in the dark and only about the third time since we started our motorhome adventure

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