Tom and Pam on a California tour Fall 2016 travel blog

The Paso Posse

The drive from Monterey to Paso Robles was short and uneventful. We arrived on Tuesday,

11-1, and stayed for 3 nights. Tom’s sister Madelyn (sister #3) was our hostess but we did park and sleep at a relatively new and very nice RV park. Madelyn lives in a wonderful location but the road up to the house is narrow and there is a sharp turn into the driveway. Tom was not willing to try hauling the trailer up there. So after setting up we headed off to Madelyn’s and her daughter Kate (#4) drove up from Santa Ynez to visit with us, which was a special surprise. Madelyn made a great meal and then we settled in to watch the World Series, rooting for the Cubs since the Dodgers were knocked out. Madelyn and Kate are baseball fans and it was fun to watch a game with them – and since we were all rooting for the same team it was congenial.

On Wednesday morning Madelyn and Kate came out to the trailer and Tom cooked breakfast for us. We also gave a pretty good look at the RV park, including the cottages they have available for non-rvers. Kate was off to Santa Ynez in the late morning and we made plans to be at Madelyn’s home later in the afternoon. Tom and I had to go to an RV store to get some stuff - again. Madelyn had picked up her grandsons, Wyatt and Jack, at school and their mom, Erin (Madelyn’s #3) would join us all for dinner and the last game of the series. Madelyn made another wonderful meal and we settled in for the game – happy for the Cubs’ success. The boys fell asleep before the end of the game, which was good since they had to be at school the next day.

On Thursday Madelyn picked us up and we went to a military history museum near the airport. Madelyn had been there with their sister Lori (sister #6) and her husband who stayed with Madelyn while they were participating in a Rolls Royce event while we were in Chico and Trinidad. We had lunch at the café at the airport and watched the private and chartered planes come and go. Dinner was served at Erin’s house - we had not seen Erin’s home so that was a treat. Erin’s boys had a couple of friends out back kicking a soccer ball around.

Friday we were leaving for Camarillo but Madelyn came to the trailer again with breakfast sandwiches and sent us off with full tummies. Our stop in Camarillo was possible since we had visited Mary Pat (sister #5) on our first California stop. Unfortunately we did not get all the photos we should have so there is nothing with Kate and none of the incredible views from Madelyn’s back porch.

We had 3 family stops in a row and there is no time to write a journal entry so there are going to be 2 more episodes published very soon. I guess there is time but no energy – family time is an energized time.

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