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Trinidad pier and across the bay

Family, food and wine?!

Sir Walter and his sword

Martin Family fun

The drive from Trinidad to Santa Rosa was beautiful but it rained the whole way and it was a little windy so it made for a long day of driving for Tom. We stayed at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds RV Park, which suited us fine – Rio too – but our spot was a little low so the longer it rained the deeper our personal lake got. That was no problem since we had flip flops too keep our shoes dry and we woud be spending a lot of our time at Terry’s house.

Aaaahhhh – Santa Rosa!! We ate great. We went to a local Italian restaurant on Monday night with Kathryn (#2) and Terry (#4). On Tuesday Tom made Mexican and on Wednesday Kathryn put tri-tip on the charcoal and added potato salad to the menu. Maureen (#7) and her husband John, as well as Terry’s daughter Molly and her son Walter, joined us for both meals Tuesday and Wednesday. The eats also included great cheesecake from Terry’s birthday and a chocolate cake, with lots of white chocolate, for my birthday. Kathryn made great baked brie, with sweet onion jam, for an appetizer. Did I say we ate great? There was much more food but I can’t remember it all.

Since Tom is Tom he did some little chores for Terry – just exactly what he ENJOYS doing. We had our absentee ballots sent to Terry’s house so we studied those – there were actually 7 choices for president. Tom went with Kathryn to a food bank she works with and helped sort and pack. We snuck in a trip to Kohl’s so I could spend my Kohl’s cash, enhanced by my 20% off coupon – I got a long sleeved T-shirt, with sparkles for $3.47.

A gathering with one or more of Tom’s sisters always includes something different. This stop did. Tom had a large Basel Cell carcinoma removed from his back a week before we left on our trip. The incision was large so there were 16 staples holding it all together. I neglected to mention that Cousin Colleen (an RN) removed ½ of the staples while we were in Chico. The other ½ needed to stay in another week. So Tom made a request of Kathryn and Terry to remove the rest of the in Santa Rosa. But you need a special tool and neither Terry nor Kathryn had access to that so, while in Trinidad, Tom ordered it from Amazon and had it sent to Terry’s. The tool arrived on Wednesday and Tom was anxious to get the staples out but by now they had been in for over 3 weeks. Kathryn was a respiratory therapist before retirement, Terry is a physical therapist and Maureen is a winemaker. Guess who jumped at the chance to “perform surgery”? I assisted Maureen but we needed Terry to pull out 2 that were stuck and only came out part way when Maureen worked on them. Nephew Walter was quite interested. I was concerned at the pain and bleeding but Tom just wanted them out. He felt so much better immediately after they were removed. I could go into more detail about this family activity but this is supposed to be a travel journal – so connect with Tom for more info.

Santa Rosa is very pretty and green. There are vineyards everywhere. The trees are turning for fall as are the vines. There are plenty of oine-type trees to keep it green – by NM standards. They are in a drought but they have MOSS so our New Mexico drought is drier than their drought. We have done sightseeing in the past so this was all about family and FOOD.

I forgot to include a photo of the Trinidad pier and bay in my last post so I have added it here. We are off to 5 nights in Monterey at the RV park, a US Navy facility, in the middle of the Monterey Pines Golf Course.

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