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Lake Anita

Pottsluck, Site 103, Lake Anita

2016-10-16. Nebraska and Lake Anita SP, IA

Though a little greener than eastern Colorado, and a little more interesting than Kansas, Nebraska is called the Cornhusker State for a reason; corn! And wheat, sorghum and other unidentifiable crops. All in all, a necessary evil if you are traveling across I-80, but its scenery is unremarkable. We stayed at the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, the state capitol, where there is a campground located at the back of the event center grounds. This weekend, there was a cowgirl barrel racing three day event so the camping area was filled with mega-trailers with their haulers. These horse trailers are a combination of RV, housing the owners and trailer for the horses. Some had stalls for four horses plus the living area with haulers that had Bob making that “manly” grunting noise immortalized by Tim Allen. And the horses! What beautiful animals! They were trotting around the parking lot or tied to the trailers or just grazing on the grasses surrounding the event center. Did I mention that almost everyone had a dog and there were a lot of Aussies like Roadie though most were not on a leash but rather roaming and sniffing. We did not get to see the event but being that close to the magnificent horses was a treat.

Finally leaving Nebraska, we drove to Lake Anita State Park in not surprisingly, Anita, Iowa, about 10 miles off I-80 and stayed at a 50 amp., full hook-up site, (103) overlooking the lake. This is not a park you would want to stay in the summer or on a weekend unless you had a reservation though. It really was a gem of a park nestled at the base of rolling hills and tall grass prairie but because of its location is apparently a very popular summer/weekend spot. The evening’s “super moon” bathed the park in silver and was an added bonus to our stay at Lake Anita.

We think that Roadie would make a good companion for Andrew Zimmern (Bizarre Foods) or perhaps Bear Grylls on their adventures because he certainly has a taste for “wild things” and grasshoppers in particular. As you might imagine, there are a lot of grasshoppers of all sizes and varieties in the prairie states and, at Lake Anita, in the afternoon sun, they were littering the concrete bike trail around the lake. While it is true that Roadie will chase anything that breathes, he will also eat any grasshopper he can catch but has a liking for the large brown/green ones! There were so many, I simply could not keep him away from all of them nor stop him from chomping each one he caught. He looked so funny with wings, legs etc. hanging out of his mouth until with the snap of his jaws...they were stomach-bound. Yum! Can’t wait to see the poop...


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