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The lady at the visitor’s centre told us that we were visiting Yosemite on a good day. We’d be able to watch the storm come in from the north and, there wouldn’t be that many tourists this time of year.

Well, we got to watch the rain come in (no storm), and we still got to share the park with thousands of people. I’d hate to see what high season is like.

Also, she told us there was Yosemite Village that we could visit. Great. That would be perfect timing for lunch.

A village means shops and restaurants, right? Yes, but not open ones. Well, there was a supermarket open which was swarming with people who didn’t have any other options for food other than supermarket food.

We still went searching a little further – all closed. On the way back, and out back of the supermarket was a little burger place. Thank goodness. We were starved and it would be a few hours before we’d get to a town.

Seems everything shuts in October, despite there still being thousands of people visiting the park.

Anyway, having said that, the park itself is pretty spectacular. Beautiful views of valleys and canyons and forests.

Then it was a very long drive out to San Francisco. And that is when the rain really hit. It was dark, there was really heavy rain and the roads were pretty shite (freeways – poorly paved).

It cleared just as we headed into San Fran, providing beautiful views of the city from Bay Bridge.

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