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I forgot to mention that we went to a Bull Riding Competition one evening. Quite an experience for a bunch of tenderfeet. We also spoke with some very nice folks who were exhibiting barrel racing saddles since there had been a barrel racing event earlier in the day. Who knew that there are different saddles for different events and the man and woman we spoke with were very patient with the questions we had about why the saddles are different and the technique for barrel racing. These folks could not have been nicer and asked us what the political climate was "out East" vis a vis the Presidential race. Apparently, the ranchers and folks who work in the mines here are uncomfortable with Trump but voting for him anyway because they do not think the Democrats have helped them with their economic issues. We had a very civil discussion about our opposing views without any "bashing" and it was interesting to hear a different view expressed not in demeaning, hostile language but in a non-judgmental way. Still, we enjoyed meeting these people and would have enjoyed getting to know them. But...a little scary.

The photos of the bull riding are awful so I apologize. The lighting in the indoor arena was awful and we were so far away that no amount of flash could capture the extremely quick action. Seriously, from the moment the gate was opened, sometimes only a few seconds passed. These guys are amazing and nuts!!!! Seriously, the bulls have the advantage especially when they have successfully launched the rider off their backs and then turned to trample them. It was interesting to see how many of the spectators and participants were limping. At intermission, there was a 9 year old trick rider who was amazing! Only in America!

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