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Time to Rebuild

We made it.

Finally after 2 days of travelling we have made it to Thailand. After the islands in Malaysia we flew back to KL and then on to Langkawi, Malaysia. We spent a night there as our flight arrived in the evening. Bright and early the next day we boarded a ferry for Satun, Thailand. It may seem backwards to have travelled across the whole country of Malaysia but there is some pretty serious violence happening at the boarder. Fairly complicated and generally not involving tourists but we didn't want to take the chance of being in the wrong place at the wrong time as there are frequent bombings. The violence is escalating slowing and causing a large influx of Thai immigrants into Malaysia. The reason it is so complicated as the people group are the same and have basically been divided by boarders and history. Long story short we went the long way around.

Our crossing at the Thai boarder was no problem. We met another couple travelling our way so we could split a taxi for the 5 hour drive to Krabi. Here we stayed in another lovely hotel for a lovely price. After 2 days of travelling you need a hot shower. Yes a reality check is needed when 30$ CAN is splashing out for a night! Our first impressions of Thailand were fantastic. What a wonderful place with amazing culture, people, and food. Everyone is so friendly and kind. We wandered around the night market and watched some traditional dancing. Very beautiful and a wonderful welcome.

The following morning we caught another boat out here to the island of Phi Phi Don. It is so beautiful despite the 3 days straight of rain. Their was a wicked bad storm 2 nights ago that blew the tops of a few bungalows. The winds are dying down and hopefully some sun will come soon.

To occupy our time we just completed the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course. 2 days straight of diving. Pretty good way to spend a rainy day or two. Free fresh water shower when you surface! We both had a great time, again 29C water temp (even at 100ft on our deep dive and no thermo cline, and spectacular corals. We did our Underwater photography as one of our specialties so hopefully some will turn out well.

I'm sure some of you are wondering...Yes this was one of the places hit by the Tsunami. It is very humbling to observe all of the damage that has occurred here. CNN did not do it justice. The entire place has been wiped and much of it is still that way as the funds are not there to rebuild everything. A lot has been done and the amount of rebuilding is staggering. Each day we see new things done. The only things that have survived are concrete buildings. Many of those places only offer rooms upstairs as the main floor is no more. The places that have been rebuilt are so basic. Only bare necessities. In terms of foreign assistance you don't really see much. I'm not sure how much of the building supplies are donated but for appearance sake there is nothing. It is really emotional for us when you stop to think what has happened and what could happen in a blink of an eye. It's especially true when you look at the children here. There really are none between the toddler and teenage stages. Those few that are here must have been miracle babies as they could not have fended for themselves. Pretty intense when you actually stop to think about it.

We have about another day or so here before we move on. Not sure where we are heading as we have only about another 7 days here. There are floods up in the North (Chaing Mai) so that is out. We will most likely go to Phuket for a day or so and then onto Bangkok for some shopping.

Think that's about it for now,

Chris and Troy

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