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So we've arrived back into Kota Kinabalu after spending the last three days trekking in the Crocker Mountains national park. It has been a challenging experience for us all in one form or another. I don't think that any of us have ever sweated so much, 7 hours trekking in 35c+ combined with 100% humidity made for challenging conditions.

There were fun moments, crossing fast flowing rivers and bridges that made Nepal's seem safe and a swim in the river surrounded by tall jungle was beautifully refreshing after a sticky day on the trail.

We've stayed in communal long houses and both were better than expected, we even had the luxury of a flush toilet last night rather than the outside long drop of the night before - although this was made up for when dessert came round and there was a large plate of lychees which had been picked from the trees outside - I've not had anything so sweet in a long time.

Trekking through the rainforest is a challenge (all good things are) and the footing is uneven at best so it is difficult at times to remember to look up but the scale of the trees and wildlife takes a lot of getting used to. It seemed to change every hour with large variations when we changed height. The one thing that we'd all been warned about were leeches and it was a contest to see who got the first. Part of me was disappointed not to get one in the three days.

Will add more detail at a later date along with photos from my camera rather than the phone that these are.


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