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Colca Canyon from the Cruz Del Condor.


Walking to the Cruz Del Condor lookout.

The appearance of the Condors induces tourist pandemonium and joy to the...

One of the permanent residents of the hotel I stayed at in...

A very nice picture of a hummingbird.

Locals doing their best to spoil the magnificient view, every stall selling...

Me again!

10 days to kill before I head for Machu Picchu, what to do.... Arequipa!

UNESCO world heritage listed etc etc the bottom line is that Arequipa has a beautiful center of white stone churches and plazas surrounded by a typical morass of dirt poor, mud brick houses and tenements.

That said, I didn´t leave the beautiful center of town and loved it.

Colca Canyon is a popular spot near Arequipa and I locked in a two day visit. The canyon is reputed to be the world´s deepest at over 1klm deep in parts. The indigineous inhabitants have been farming the valley for a couple of thousand years resulting in a network of irrigation terraces that is amazing in its scale. It is as if you show a peruvian a hill and a couple of weeks later they will show you a neatly terraced set of steps down the incline. I remarked to my fellow travellers that falling into the canyon is never a worry as the furthered you ever could fall is 2m down to the next terraced step.

The highlight of Colca Canyon is Cruz Del Condor (Cross of the Condor) where I watched the local Andean Condors float up out of the canyon on the warm thermal updrafts. I along with several hundred other tourists arrived at the viewpoint at 8am to view the condors morning flights. Despite the presence of so many people and the low level background noise of cameras clicking and beeping the opportunity to watch these huge (5m+ wingspan) animals float above me was a great experience.

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