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Breakfast at The Sofitel, Melbourne - starting as we hope to continue

Lobby of The Pullman, KL - things ARE improving!

Our local supermarket, KL

Comment from Peter...."this is why I don't take her to 5 star...

And what a mighty start to our holiday!

Flew into KL on a day flight (wonderful to gaze out the window and appreciate what an enormous colourful country we live in) and caught the designated train into the city centre. Battled our way to the light rail station, hopped aboard and Peter suddenly gasped that he’d lost his day pack……….a day pack with all our charging gear, modem, electrical bits and pieces and, most importantly, our Surface Pro 3!!!

Now normally Peter is not one to panic but a fair imitation of a headless chook ensued….make that headless, wingless and with one leg! Dived back into the 5 o’clock rush and got back to the first train station and, thank God, a very helpful “Customer Services” lady took over. After about 45 minutes of phone calls, radio dispatches and very anxious waiting the day pack turned up!!!! He’d left it on the airport train.

Glory glory glory…….this just does not happen in Asia, particularly on a crowded train. Poor Peter almost cried and, after promising our first born to her, we shakily made our way to our hotel. Can’t describe the relief, particularly with Peter beating himself up and thinking that perhaps it had actually been cut off his shoulder in the crowds.

Not wanting to get philosophical about this BUT going to the loo at the Melbourne Airport that morning, I found a mobile in the cubicle – I immediately asked the women at the hand basins if it was theirs but no one claimed it. 2 Seconds later it was claimed by a worried looking lady flying back into the toilet. Karma?? I'd like to think so.

4 Days in KL, staying in a new area which forces you to try different food stalls, bars etc although we did re-visit Chinatown for duck and crispy skin pork twice with the obligatory beers at another favourite haunt.

Could get very used to luxury hotels - huge room with a huge bed with what seemed acres of soft white cotton sheets and numerous pillows, Peter being addressed as "Sir" top quality soaps and lotions......bloody lovely.

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