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Sex of a Lobster

Piece of the Berline wall in Portland

Old sailor saying

Today will be our last day on the road for this trip. The one thing I was concerned about was all the Indian Reservation we drove thru. Since most of the trip was thru forest I worried that a Indian war party could come out of the woods and ambush us. Then they would rape us, scalp us and kill us. We would have our last resting place on the New York Thruway. Thanks goodness we never had to slow down to be a target. At least out west you can see them coming across the desert.

Not much to take pictures of since it was all forest that were driving thru and the colors had not changed. On a scale of 1-10 this trip is about a 4, not one of my best trips. Here are some more pictures from Portland Maine.

Recap: Total Miles: 2191, Average cost of gas: $2.19, Total days gone:19

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