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Sept. 21 Well, we wouldn’t know we were on vacation if we didn’t have one adventure. And we had it today. A tire on the trailer blew, and I mean blew, out on the road. Fortunately (how do we get so lucky? Or is it that the Lord is watching out for us?), it happened when we were about a mile from a rest area. It was the last tire on the passenger side and it took the leveling pin on that side as well as the entire fender. The trailer looked a mess. So we pulled in and called Good Sam. Two hours later we had the spare tire on and then followed the guy who changed the tire to his workplace. An hour later we had five new tires, a whole size bigger and a load range of G rather than E as the old ones were. If we have another tire blow out, I’m giving up camping!

Sept. 22 Today we went to the nearest Camping World and got a new pin for the leveling jack which we lost when the tire took out the rear jack. And then we went to (OH BOY!) the National Corvette Museum. We saw all sorts of Corvettes, from year one (1953) to the present. And we saw a presentation on the sink hole that opened up in 2014, remember that? We saw all the cars they lost to the sink hole, eight, that went from really smashed to only slightly smashed.

Then we went up to the Mammoth Cave to book our tour for tomorrow.

Sept. 23 Our tour was at 10 AM, and I must say that I was disappointed. They had too many people on the tour, we walked for about 2 miles, mostly down. They told us there were 500 steps, and I believe it. The only formation we saw was Frozen Niagara, which looked like its namesake – frozen Niagara Falls. To say that I was let down is an understatement. Still, it is the largest cave system in the world with 405 miles discovered. They don’t know how many are still undiscovered.

I have had the devils own time trying to get the blog up and running, and have been successful in getting the written word up. No pictures yet, but I'll keep on trying.

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