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Debra checking out the carved tree trunk




Koko Crater Star Flower Cactus


what is this?


horseback riding demonstration

Went with Debra to her Weight Watcher meeting this morning. Very interesting.

Afterward she took me to see the Linnaeus Teaching Garden where she volunteers several hours a week. It's a small beautiful garden. Saw one plant that I had never seen before - the Koko Crater Star Flower Cactus. Carl Linnaeus was a Swedish botanist known as The Father of Taxonomy ( naming and classifying organisms). In the same complex was the Tulsa Garden Center and the Tulsa Historical Society. We toured both and learned lots!

By now it was 1pm and time for lunch. What could we eat without feeling guilty after the pep talk we got at the Weight Watcher meeting this morning? We decided on fajitas without the tortillas and refried beans. Grilled chicken with onion, peppers, lettuce, guacamole and salsa turrned out to be a good choice.

We had two hours to kill before opening night of the Tulsa State Fair. Since we had a mahjong set in the car we went to the local Barnes and Noble, bought a drink at their Starbucks, set up the game and played for two hours.

Haven't been to a state fair in years . The midway was bustling, the expo center was full of products and "give aways", but the best was the Birthing Center where you could see baby goats, sheep, chicks, and (if you were lucky piglets). We also saw a horseback riding demonstration which ended with a five person pyramid on two horses. Impressive.

Debra is leaving at 9:30 tomorrow morning for a weekend getaway with her girlfriends I'll be leaving at 8:30 for my drive to Waco, Texas. It's always fun to stay a couple of days with Debra. She knows Tulsa like the back of her hand.

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