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Marker showing that Clovis was baptized here

Jubilee year

Model of the cathedral; the real one has the middle door of...

Chagall Windows 1

C Windows 2

C Windows 3

C Windows 4

Chapel to mary

Gothic size

Jubilee year


Kings of France

The high command at the end of the war in Reims

The building today is a museum

Signing of the surrender

The room left as it was

WWII soldiers

Lycee Franklin Roosevelt

Lycee Franklin Roosevelt, Ville de Reims

The cathedral at night; its exterior is being cleaned

Left side of memorial to the families who made the sacrifice

Right side so that the young will know and remember

Center to honor those who died, for the city to show its...

We had a great birthday dinner in a traditional brasserie we found recommended in the Rick Steves book, then today we visited the cathedral and the museum that houses the German surrender to the Allies at the end of WWII.

The cathedral has a marker commemorating the spot where Clovis was baptized in the 400's, significant in marking the beginnings of French Catholicism. It is a beautiful as well as historic cathedral, the place of coronations, Joan of Arc, many destructions and restorations, and a lot of work and sacrifice by this community. The Windows by Marc Chagall were put in place in the 50's, there are some that are abstract, some in the manner of the Middle Ages, some replaced in the 1800's. I think learning about this cathedral could be a college course. I felt the same way in York.

In the afternoon we went to the museum that houses the room where the Germans signed the surrender to the Allies. Roger and I had visited once before, but again I found a lot to learn. There was an excellent film; we watched it in English, then I saw it again in French to practice. The former headquarters was in a building that had been a school; it is still a French "lycee" or high school. When I left the museum I had the chance to talk to a secretary from the school; she told me there were 2060 students there. She said they can study English or Spanish there. I was interested in watching the kids come out; so many of them smoke! In fact, there was a receptacle for cigarette butts right by the door. Other than that, they really did remind me of my American students.

In the evening after dinner we took a stroll through town by the cathedral and ending with a visit to the memorial for those lost in WWI. France has had more than its share of loss of life and destruction within her borders.

We are getting close to the end of our trip. Tomorrow we return to Paris; our Canadian family members are leaving October 1, but Roger and I are in Paris until October 4. We have to make a list of final things to do until next time!

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