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September 26

Monday morning we left Salem for Canyonville, Oregon and the Seven Feathers RV Park. The drive was an easy drive with excellent weather and light to medium traffic. We have driven this route numerous times and for some unknown reason this time Ross took notice of tthe road starting just south of Salem all the way to just north of Eugene, Oregon. This road is as straight as an arrow and almost as flat as a pancake and for the entire distance, about 100 miles, the motorhome cruise control was set at 60 mph and the brake was never touched, and the items used were the direction signals and steering wheel to pass slower vehicles. There area a couple small towns that are basically bypassed and the rest of the land is used for some type of agriculture. A very easy drive.

We arrived at Canyonville around 1200 and we filled up with diesel, 109 gallons at $2.41 per gallon which is about $0.10 per gallon less than when we went north a few weeks ago. After re-fueling we drove to the campground for the night. We have been very disappointed with the food at the Seven Feathers Casino restaurants so we atein the motorhome and read and watched TV.

September 27

We left Canyonville at 0830 and headed for Red Bluff, California and the Durango RV Resort. The weather was good and as we traveled south the temperatures increased. Traffic was light to medium and the road is uphill and downhill, with twists and turns all way to Redding, California where the road straightens out and begins to level off. The terrain is heavily wooded with small towns and large towns and at Ashland you are faced with a seven mile six to seven percent grade and just after you reach the summit you begin a six mile six percent downgrade until you reach the California Fruit Inspection booth. Just after passing through the inspection booth our "Check Engine" light came "ON" and the engine monitor read "Crankcase Over Pressure". This happened previously after we had a long hard climb with warm temperatures. We have cleared the fault previously by stopping so we stopped along the side of the road and shutdown for about 15 minutes. We re-started and the fault had cleared itself. The usual cause of this condition is a clogged crankcase filter which Ross changed about six months ago. These filters are expected to last for at least forty-thousand miles. We will purchase a new filter and will keep it as a stand-by in case this fault occurs again and will not clear itself. It is also possible that the fault is caused by a faulty sensor.

We arrived around noon time and after we set-up we drove to a Mexican Restaurant in Red Bluff that we like and had a "luner" (combination lunch and dinner). After our luner We drove to the Christmas Store in Red Bluff where we purchased nothing. We spend the rest of the day at the motorhome reading and watching TV. After the sun went down and the temperature dropped below 90 we walked to the hot tub and relaxed before we went to bed.

September 28

This morning we got a relatively early start at 0830. The sky was clear and the temperature was in the low 60's. That temperature started climbing as we headed south and it was above 90 degrees by the time we got home at 1130. The sky was clear but there was a haze from the fires, no wind and traffic was light to medium until we reached I-80 where it got much heavier but for the most part it moved at the speed limit or higher.

After arriving home we unloaded the refrigerator and checked the mail which had mostly crap that was thrown out rather than read. We did get notice from Tiffin of a recall on the windshield wiper arms that apparently will break from fatigue. Ross completed the paperwork and sent it to Tiffin so the new arms should be received shortly.

This portion of our 2016 trip to Campbell River, British Columbia covered 2200.1 miles, burned 292.6 gallons of diesel, required 49.17 hours of driving time, averaged 44.6 miles per hour, and averaged 7.5 miles per gallon.

That is it for the 2016 travels of Ross and Marge.

Ross & Marge

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