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After a hearty breakfast I started on my 5 hour drive through western Missouri into western Arkansas. Lots of hills and curves. Made sure to stop for gas and stretch my legs.

Arrived in Springdale by 3:00 - in time to make a stop at the Shiloh Museum of the Ozarks. (Springdale used to be called Shiloh.) I was met with a sign that said "Where exactly is the Ozarks?" The Ozarks are bounded by 4 major rivers - The Missouri to the north, the Arkansas to the south, the Mississippi to the east and the Neosho to the west. The museum had many artifacts donated local families. Something that surprised me was how many people have immigrated to this area from the Marshall Islands. These Marshallese also live in Hawaii but mainly in Springdale Arkansas where they are employed by Tyson foods.

In the 1820's the Arkansas territorial government opened the land to white settlers. Before that the land was hunting grounds for the Osage Indians and later it became home to the Cherokees when they were forced to move west (known as the Trail of Tears) Presently, this area is the chicken capital of the USA. Many men were instrumental in making this happen most notably the two named TYSON.

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