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Portland Streets

Portland Streets

Candy's friend

Many Cobblestone streets

Our Lobster Boat

Fort Gorges

Fort Scammel

Pulling Traps

Pulling Traps

Filling Bait Bag


Candy and Brian

It got very chilly last night, down to the high 30’s so we were a little slow getting around this morning. The plan is to drive to the Portland Waterfront. Where we are at in Scarborough is only 9 miles to the waterfront, not a bad drive. One of our goals is to go out on a lobster boat and learn about catching them. We did book our trip for 1 pm which was a great time for the weather had finally warmed up to low 60’s. Portland is another cruise ship stop but there was only one in port and Portland is more spread out than Bar Harbor so not too much of a crowd. We wandered around and Candy checked out some of the shops. Same stuff regardless what state you are in. I was amazed at how many brick and cobblestone streets there are, haven’t seen this many before. Funny the number of people we meet that are from Toledo, Bowling Green, and Michigan.

It was finally time for us to go lobster fishing or whatever it is called. As we were riding around Portland Harbor, which is where the lobster traps are placed, we saw some old forts from the 1800’s. Fort Scammel was built in 1808 and For Gorges was built in 1865. They were to protect Portland Harbor, no one know from who but they were built.

This boat trip was very interactive with everyone. Pulling the traps, unloading the traps, sizing the lobster, and rebaiting the trap. We did learn how to tell the sex of a lobster, what the correct size that are keepers, and age. You can only keep lobster that are between 3-1/2” and 5”. Below 3-1/2” are to small and anything over 5” must be returned to the water, Maine law. It takes a lobster about 7 years to get above the 3-1/2” limit. Brian the young man on the boat was super and got everyone involved. It was the best 2-1/2 hours we spend in a long time.

We got back and headed for the MH but stopped at the Texas Longhorn for supper. That was it for the night. Time to watch the two idiots debate.

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