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View over Kingaroy

Overlooking farmlands from Kingaroy lookout

24/9/2016 Kingaroy

A lovely, sunny day. We checked out a local furniture store, and saw some things which might suit our new place, and at a very good price. Our next stop was a lookout 4km out of town and had wonderful views over the farming country and in the opposite direction, the town. Continued on for a drive around the local area and got lost - that was good, because we just kept driving and saw some lovely sights. We saw gliders being taken up - how good would it be to do that, if you were game? Another trip to the supermarket - it seems strange just buying a small amount of everything, where I'm used to buying for a week at least. But those who have one, know that there's limited space in a caravan. We had lunch, then Ian decided on a nap. He looked so comfortable that I decided to join him.

We skipped tea due to late lunch, and went to the Kingaroy Observatory for a 2 hour session. I had often thought it would be good to go to the Maidenwell Observatory which is in this area, and when I asked the chap running this one, he said that this was the Maidenwell Observatory moved to Kingaroy due to the lease running out and a few other issues. It was an interesting night, but I couldn't make out a lot of what was shown through the telescopes - it just seemed like a cluster of stars, but I could see Saturn! There was a 7 year old boy who was so into stars and the whole planet system, and he could name all the planets in order and many trick questions put to him. He wants to be an astronaut because he likes science. For a child of that age, being so knowledgeable, he should go far. Back to the van, and we didn't feel hungry enough to have our planned meal, so had some cheese, olives, chips and crackers while we watched the end of the rugby league semifinal.

Another great day before we head home tomorrow.

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