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Sept. 19 We toured the Capitol today. The most impressive thing about this capitol is the dome. It is covered in 23 caret gold leaf, about 10 pounds of it. And then they added pictures or something like that that went down the sides of the dome. And it’s 5 feet taller than the US capital.

We got to see the Senate Chamber and that’s all. The House was in session trying to figure out the budget. We saw the governor’s office and got to stand behind the lectern he uses for press conferences. The other thing about this capitol is they have a huge crystal lighting fixture hanging from the dome. It takes about 8 hours just to lower it for cleaning. Takes 5 days to clean it and replace the light bulbs. They just finished cleaning it in August.

Sept. 20 A lazy morning and then a trip to the Cultural Center to see WV history museum. Unfortunately, we did it backwards. It was a nice long trail of history that once you were in it, it was impossible to go the other way. Next time we’ll know.

We met Abbie or some dinner and had a really nice time learning about her schedule, which included having lacrosse practice at 5 AM! But that’s only 3 mornings a week. She likes their new coach, who explains what they did wrong and how to do it better rather than just yell at them like the old coach did. After a pizza supper, we went across the street for an ice cream. A great pairing of restaurants.

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