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Morning tea at Bell

Peanut silos, Kingaroy

23/9/2016. Bell to Kingaroy

There was a gorgeous sunset last night, but my camera battery was flat, so it's just our memory, and this morning we woke up to a beautiful, sunny day. There are only 3 caravans in this small park, and one is down the back and we haven't even seen those people. There's a lovely couple from Adelaide parked next to us, and we chatted with them before they left and we left soon after. We drove down to the Information Centre and ordered coffee and scones, and while waiting, I wandered around the very big complex. There was the library, Information desk, a huge craft room, an art gallery plus the cafe, and lots of craft items, jams and pickles, second hand books, lovely china and glass for sale. Everything was very reasonably priced. We left Bell at 11.30 and it was a lovely drive to Kingaroy. Everything was nice and green - they've had surface rain, but no run-off rain, and the creeks were dry. We drove through Kumbia, and a small free camp area where there is some power (for a fee), was full, with people parked on the side of the road. Ian decided we'd stay at the Showgrounds at Kingaroy - no free camping tonight because he wants to watch the football - Cowboys v Sharks semi final. This is a great spot here, with lots of space, exceptionally clean Amenities, and lovely dry, green grass. Ian suggested we stay for 2 nights, and have a proper look around the area. We've been to Kingaroy Showgrounds numerous times many years ago in our Speedway days. Memories!

Lunch, then into the Information Centre, where we looked through the Heritage Museum. It was wonderful, informative, huge, and we enjoyed our hour or so there. There were displays on the different grains grown in the area, history and machinery relating to the peanut industry, mobile phones from when they were the size of a brick, instruments and story of the town band which folded a few years ago, old telephone equipment which bought back many memories for Ian, old schools from the area - it's a great museum. We then went to buy a few groceries, and while Ian went into the Telstra Shop to buy a new phone, I looked in the window of a jewellery shop opposite. The shop was closing down, and of course had specials. Something I've never done in my life before - I saw a watch and decided I'd buy it. I don't need a new watch, and I did get Ian to check it out and give his OK, but it seemed it was there just for me - it's face was a 1944 sixpence. So Ian now has it and will surprise me on my birthday with a new watch!! And he didn't get his phone - they didn't have any in stock!

Football's on - too stressful to watch! I'll see if Ian will play cards with me.

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