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On route to Ventura

On route to Ventura

Sept 20

This Santa Cruz RV Resort turned out to be a really nice park. Yesterday we just chilled by the pool & had it all to ourselves. Reading, lunch a few beer & a swim. Today we left Scotts Valley for Pismo Beach which is further down the coast. Check in wasn’t until 4pm so we took our time getting ready to leave.

We took Reservation Rd (G17) from Marina to get to the #101. The Hwy. 101 has the Diablo Range on one side & the Santa Lucia Range on the other with acre upon acre of farmland in this valley. There are apx. 81,500 farmers in California with the average farm size being 312 acres.

The Salinas River feeds the water needed for the farmers. All we saw was dirt in the river bed, which apparently happens often during long dry spells. The majority of it’s water is underground as it has a tremendous aquifer system from which the farms pump the water.

As a side note, California is allowed to take 4.4 million water acres from the Colorado River. It uses 3.8 million of that for irrigation. A water acre (a football field) is one acre at one foot deep. The average household uses ½ an acre a year.

This route was originally called ”The El Camino Real” a 600-mile road connecting the 21 Spanish Missions of California. It was used by the Spanish, Missionaries & Mexicans for the south to north travel. There were interesting commemorative bell markers along the road.

After passing the farms, came the vineyards all over the hillsides, followed by a small oil patch with dozens of oil rigs & tanks. The road was pretty rough but the scenery made it worthwhile. It got to 106 degrees as we crossed the Coast Mountains at 3:30pm on a great 3 lane 7% downhill road into Pismo Beach. The RV park we’re in is a huge park with 400 sites, a restaurant, gift shop, pool, & you just have to climb

Sept 21

A great day today, started with a walk on the beach collecting sand dollars. After breakfast we went for a stroll in downtown Pismo looking into the usual beachside shops, walked the pier, watched the surfers, had a great lunch at Wooly’s on the beach. Back to the MH to get our lawn chairs & set them up on the beach to while away a couple of hours under the sun, feeling the ocean breezes. This is our last night here & tomorrow we head further south.

Sept 22

We continued on the 101 highway still heading south, still passing miles of vineyards & some tree & veggie crops untill we cross the Gavida Pass. Then,like a smack to the eyesballs was the blue ocean below. There are oil platforms out in the distance. We travel along the coast passing RV's parked right at the beaches edge, surfers, and palm trees, until we come to Ventura, where we have a spot for the next 4 days at the Ventura Beach RV Resort. The park is as advertised but the access to the beach is disappointing so we went for a drive to get the feel of the town & the waterfront.Tomorrow we will explore some more.

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