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2016-09-13. It’s not Paris...

Bob sure does take me to the nicest, most romantic spots (not!). For the last three nights, we have been sitting in the parking lot of the Cummins repair shop in the industrial section of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The freight trains roar by not every once in awhile but constantly, all day and all night. When I walked Roadie the other day, I counted 16 tracks and those were NOT the ones behind the parking lot. There is also an enormous manufacturing plant close by that emits the most annoying pastrami-like smell. I believe it is a grain processing plant but seriously, it smells like Taylor Pork Roll. I swear that I will have to air out everything after we finally leave here tomorrow....hopefully.

And, when it rains, it pours as they say. We came in with a generator problem but after that was fixed, we were still having issues and it turns out that we may need new batteries. The replacement issue is pending. Tomorrow, Bob is taking me to Moscow, Iowa to have the leveling system manufacturer, HWH, take a look at something Bob thinks isn’t right. Wow, how lucky am I? And not a “Paris” in sight.

The only positive thing I can say is that I’ve got the laundry done, the food shopping done, the refrigerator defrosted and my nails done. Roadie can run around the grass behind the shop. When I asked the “locals” in the shop if there were any interesting touristy things to do, the woman mentioned Target and Wal-mart – Been there, done both. But the down town area is not that interesting and the one house and garden attraction, Brucemore, was not open. We could go to the state park but Bob really wanted to be around while the work was being done so...it was laundry and Wal-mart for me and chasing the frisbee for Roadie.

No pictures.

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