Joyce and Gary in 2016 travel blog

Gary Joyce Peanuts Museum

Barbershop Strip

Entrance Mural - Evolution of Snoopy

Charlie Brown Lucy Mural - Made from Comic Strips

Carrot Cake - Gary's definition of veggies

Mona Lucy

Gift Shop Schroeder

Stained Glass - Gift Shop

Toilet Stall in Peanuts Museum

Sink area

Charles Schultz Studio Replica

Yesterday was lots of driving, back tracking over toward the center of the state from the coast. Over the hills again, going around the curves and people taking them way too fast. I was more than a little nervous. I wasn't afraid of Gary's driving because he was taking his time and taking the curves realistically, but I was afraid those screaming around us would crash and we'd smash into their back ends coming around a curve that we couldn't even see them until it was too late. Oh well, we survived, but we sure didn't check our blood pressures after those harrowing hours!

We stopped at a little cafe for breakfast, and this is California, so it cost us more than any meal we've had here so far. $42.00!!! Yikes! What did we have you say? Well pretty much standard breakfasts, Gary had an egg sandwich with hash browns and sausage, and I had something weird their specialty for the day, Panenkoeken (SP?) with strawberries and cream cheese. It was good, but no way worth $42.

We made it to the Charles M Schultz Museum, Ice Rink and Gift Shop about 3:30pm. And it was like returning to being 3 years old again, sitting on my dad's lap and having him read us the funny papers. We had a guide at the entrance to the museum who explained the murals on the walls and took a photo of us.

I asked what year did Snoopy become more of a character, and less dog like, because I don't honestly remember him being anything different than what he is today. And the guide said Oh he'd find out for me! I laughed and said it's not that important, and he replied, "Oh no, we take this all very seriously! We email you answers that we can't get for you right away". But he never answered, and didn't take my email so I guess I'll have to research it for myself.

Charles Schultz was a son of a barber, so the barber shop was featured in a lot of strips. And being the daughter of a barber I was touched.

There seemed to be a comic strip that touched Gary too.

Even when we stopped in the bathroom, there were strips behind the toilet and sink!

The studio area reproduction took me back, the paneling, the TV set, it was just like I remembered things back then.

And for my stained glass friends, the gift shop even had a stained glass. Gorgeous gorgeous glass.

After leaving, we stopped at another cafe along the road and I got a pulled pork sandwich and 2 orders of sweet potato fries for $13!! Go figure! This is still


Then we drove towards Sacramento, getting on I-80 to begin our trip heading back east again. It was 8pm and getting dark and we still hadn't decided on a place to stay, they were all way expensive. $65 for a tent site in one park without even electricity. But we pulled into a campgrounds that Gary had earmarked earlier in the day and managed to snag one of the last electric sites, set up in the dark, and promptly fell asleep. The temperatures were a little warmer here, so I didn't put on my 3 layers of sleepwear, and I was pretty much fine most of the night. Hopefully it won't be 96 as we head back through Nevada and the plains.

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