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After a horrible night at the worst campgrounds, we stopped for breakfast, and had the best breakfast of the trip. Well maybe tied with the one we had to share a table at. I got an excellent egg sandwich, with hashbrowns and bacon and it was all just very hot and juicy and totally succulant. The orange juice was fresh squeezed and very sweet and light, not at all close to what we get in the carton in Ohio. THEN, I used their bathroom, and the cafe had REAL toilet paper! Not that dental floss stuff we've had to use at the road side rests and Walmart bathrooms! I was in heaven for 10 minutes, but alas we had to leave and get back on the road.

We had appointments to look at wood at Healdsburg, CA and Ukiah, but the one further south was first, and there was a time deadline, we couldn't arrive any later than 2pm in order to talk to the guy. So we drove nonstop, not even for lunch and made it about 1:30pm. Gary really liked what he saw, this place was Redwood only, no cedar, and that's where our problems have been in the past. However, the price was expensive, but we inquired about different grades and lengths for better shipping and we might be able to do business with them.

So, then we snacked on things we still had in the car, cheese and crackers, and grapes (which were also fresh California grown, and were just very sweet and bursting with flavor) and high tailed it to the 2nd Lumber company in Ukiah. This place deals with only reclaimed wood, so the logs they have are usually taken from felled logs that have been in a river, or other wood that has to be moved for roads or some government purpose. We talked with Brian, the son, as Frank, the father was off at another location, and boy was he a typical California boy. Flighty, and jumping from one thing to another, reminded me a little of a balding Jerry Lewis character. This is the place we've had trouble with in the past, with the crates falling apart, the shipping taking a month, when it's supposed to arrive in 6 days, the wood being wet when it arrived, with water actually dripping from it, when it was supposed to be kiln dried. Brian addressed all those issues, told us what they were doing to make things better and Gary came away with a better feeling about that company also. We'll see.

After that we stopped at McDonald's because it was 96 degrees! And we had been out in the lumber yard sweating for a couple hours and I just needed to cool off. We got milkshakes, and soon the police arrived and talked to a boy behind the counter. The manager went outside with the policeman and talked the whole time we were there. We never did really figure out what was happening, but since it was an almost totally Spanish speaking McDonald's we decided that was enough, we were outta there too!

We didn't really have any other plans for the day or even a direction for staying the night but we decided to head for the coast where it might be cooler than 96°, and it was. 52° when we got there, and there was a heavy fog everywhere. Gary said "This is kind of spooky" and I agreed! We did manage to find a spot - one of the most expensive of the trip, but it was close to getting dark and with the fog we weren't in the mood to look farther. Oh did I mention that in order to get to the coast, we had to go through some mountains, and the 35 mile trip took us an hour and a half? Gary was very tired, very cranky and very hungry, so we settled.

After going into town to Denny's (our 3rd time in the last 4 days) our bellies were full and our air mattress was calling our name. This was one of the coldest nights we've had, but thanks to socks and an extra blanket on top of our heavy quilt I actually slept the whole night without waking. Oh and remembering to turn the electric blanket off and back on right before we fell asleep so it didn't time out was a blessing!

This morning we are headed to Santa Rosa to see the Charlie Brown Museum, and then probably heading back east to start our trip home. When I looked at the map Santa Rosa isn't very far from Healdsburg, the town we were at, at 1:30pm yesterday! Dang!

One thing I haven't mentioned before that we keep seeing on the trip are bicyclists and wind turbines. We saw one entire train that carried nothing but wind turbine blades. Each blade was secured to 2 railroad cars, they took up the whole space. I can't imagine how the train was able to take any curves but I guess that's for them to figure out not me. And every road we've been on in California, just has tons of people riding bicycles. They've got their skinny pants on, and their saddle bags stuffed with everything they need for their trip. There are singles, and also groups of up to about 6 people. Must be a California thing to travel the coast on a bicycle, I sure couldn't imagine it being done back home with all these hills.

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