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How I am smiling here I have no idea

Brain clearly absent at this point


Treble Cone

Lake Wanaka

View from the piste - Treble Cone

Dear all,

I'm afraid you're going to have to forgive me if this update's all over the place but I jumped out of a plane a few hours ago and my brain has decided to go on holiday for the afternoon to get over it. In the absence of my brain - which come to think about it may well have left for it's vacation just before we booked it yesterday afternoon - it's hard to believe I have actually done it, but I have some WICKED pictures and a DVD to prove it, so I guess I must've done. Make sure you look at all the pictures posted on this update - in fact, no, I'm going to break with tradition and post the photos in non-chronological order just to make sure you see it!

It turns out that, to me at least, fear of heights is inversely proportional to the distance from the ground. On the bungy jump in South Africa (216m) I was absolutely petrified right up until the point of jumping (actually, the point just after when the adrenaline kicked in), and at Holly's hen do in January I lost the use of my legs and nearly had a nervous breakdown standing on a log 3m off the ground, but at 12,000 feet (!!!!!!) I was actually pretty much fine. Of course it helps significantly to be tied to someone else because I'm still not entirely sure I could manage to throw myself out of a perfectly good aeroplane. And that that person has a vested interest in making sure you get down ok of course.

Anyway - Wanaka was gorgeous - everywhere here is gorgeous in fact. Have spent a couple of days boarding (I miss my own lovely snowboard but at least hopefully my sister's getting some use out of it at the snowdome in Milton Keynes (how are the lessons going Dawnie?) in Treble Cone, one of the resorts there. It's end of the season snow but that does have the decided advantage of empty lifts and pistes and less people to laugh at me in my Heidi plaits falling flat on my face attempting 360 degrees flatspins.

I'm now in Queenstown which has the clearly very accurate title of 'adrenaline capital of the world' - I've got myself a v cute little campervan (which I am hearby naming Hobbit in honour of the location) for 4 weeks and myself and a new mate called Kate who also has a van have hooked up to do a loop of the South Island, snowboard, and generally throw ourselves off or out of things as often as our budgets will allow (ie: not that often). We're off up the slopes to the Remarkables pistes here tomorrow, and then we're off to Milford Sound on Wednesday I think to do something a little calmer for a couple of days. Probably.

Hope you're all well and that Mum doesn't have a heart attack from these pictures ;-)


PS - Did I mention that I jumped out of a plane today?

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