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Local families on their weekend out.

Central clocktower...

...and gardens...

...and church. Also, they have cool cyclo taxis here like the one...

Melaka is THE historical city in Malaysia. You've probably never heard of it, but historically it has been really important for trade over the years, more so than Singapore or anywhere else around here. In fact, this whole peninsula used to be referred to as Melaka.

I spent a day here and had a look around. Melaka was worth a lot of money back in the day due to the trade, so it was first colonised by the Portuguese in 1511, then the Dutch came 100 years later and took control, then we (the British) took over at the beginning of the 19th century, then the Japanese took it during the second world war, then we got it back, and then Malaysia got independence. So there's a fair bit of European architecture around.


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