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Saturday 3rd September A day in Texas

We awoke this morning in our free stay beside the Dumaresq River after a wild night of heavy rain and gusty blustery winds. We walked around Texas which we really enjoyed as they have a great little art gallery and also a very good display of the 2011 floods which overwhelmed the town. They tell us they actually had no rain to speak of but all the water came down from the north. There is also a lovely art and craft shop and a shop that stocks everything imaginable from clothes, candles, camping gear, cooking utensils and everything in between. It even has an organ for sale! Ron and myself bought a new spray jacket and Ron managed to buy a pair of trousers that can be zipped off at the knees and worn as shorts when the weather turns warm.

We then went and looked over the Historical Rabbit Freezing works that Texas was famous for in days gone by. It is in the process of being restored and it looks like it will be well worth a visit when it is completed. In its time it even exported the unskinned rabbits to England! It held special significance for Ron Gibson as his father was an engineer and came out here from Scotland in the great depression as he had been told there was work here in Australia. However the work was in an assortment of places and it meant he had to go where the work was available, which is how he came to be working in the Rabbit Freezing company installing and servicing the Rushton Engine.

In the main street of Texas the council has erected a huge iron sculpture of a bird. During the flood, to the surprise of the locals, hundreds of water birds arrived in the town and this Bird Monument symbolises the town overcoming the hardship and devastation of the flood. Our drive today had beautiful views, with the cultivated emerald green fields and the blue / purple mountains surrounding them as a backdrop as we travelled onwards for a 2 day stay at Warialda. Icy wind but the sun is nice once it stops blowing.

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