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2016-09-02. Better Bait

Bob-7; Fish-0

Joanne – 1; Crabs-2

We changed from squid to bloodworms hoping for a more successful fishing day. And...voila! Fish for dinner! Bob caught 7 fish but kept only two; a croaker and a red drum. The red drum was about 16 inches and a really nice looking fish. And both were wonderful steamed over the grill.

I was not as successful. Caught one tiny fish and two good sized crabs. The crabs seemed pretty heavy on the line but, were a bitch to get off it; claws grabbing and pinching. Ultimately, they dropped off my line.

But, as usual, Bob was the master baiter of the day (pun intended).

I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much Roadie enjoys camping here. There are several boat ramps along the river where he can swim to his heart's content and here, at the campground, he can swim as well. Unfortunately, he is a big mess! Everytime he runs into the water to chase the ball, he brings it out and rolls over and over not only in the sand but in the marsh grass. It is too funny but...he is so stinky from the salt water that we have to wash him every day using the outside shower hose on the RV.

We are sitting in the RV waiting for Hurricane Hermine to hit us here on the Virginia coast. We have battened the hatches, rolled up the awnings and lit our neon drinking sign, a gift from the Hunsbergers. The storm is supposed to hit us early tomorrow morning but tonight....there was the most magnificent brilliant red/orange sunset; the fire before the rain. Tomorrow, we’ll have to sit inside and drink, I suppose. We’ve got wine, beer and liquor. And...Roadie. And...chocolate.

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