North OR South? Aug 2016 travel blog

sunset - Bob's house on left in distance

our beautiful spot for 3 nights

Yellow tailed black cockatoos

Wednesday 17th Aug - depart Hervey Bay

Mixed emotions all round today. We have to leave this favourite spot to head to Tewantin and Maleny. Our hearts are heavy for Anna. And we’ve just heard this morning from Hazel and Ron that the labyrinthitis has returned with a vengeance. Sunday was avery bad day. We will touch base with them next Sunday, but it is almost definite that they will NOT be available to go away

The caravan part that the boys bought for the two vans - water filler inlet - has to be returned exchanged as they bought the wrong type. Just squeezed it in before hooking up the van for departure. We’re leaving Kellys behind as they have managed to get an extra week on the site. Actually we think they needed some respite time after a week with Ron!!!!

As we (R n J) headed south we detoured into Tewantin to visit old-time friend Reg. It was great to spend an hour or so over lunch catching up between the 3 of us.

We’ve just heard this afternoon that Hazel has had some more episode of extreme dizziness so it would seem that the destination of Flinders Ranges is now in jeopardy. So, will it be North or South? The perennial question. Get well Hazel, that’s 1st priority - Flinders will wait. God put them there thousands of years ago so I’m sure another month or two or so won’t matter.

Arrival at our friend’s Macadamia Farm in Maleny Grices was about 3:45 - yep you guessed again - cuppa-time. We had tea with Bob and Annette at night then drove back to the other side of the farm to our van location near the Dorm shed.

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