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Locks number 30 along the Erie Canal

Can you see the gray heron sitting there??

This is how we looked when we stopped for the day!! What...

We stopped in a car wash to blast off all the crud!!...

Aug 21 - Yet another start to the day with an eye on the weather!! We went to bed last night knowing the morning would be guided by a wait and see approach! Forecast for 90% chance of rain. The best way to start the day was slowly, a later than normal alarm time and complimentary breakfast provided by Holiday Inn! Not a bad start! Now keep in mind it is usually Mike that likes to stay put when the chance of rain is so prevalent!! Today he broke his normal pattern and said, let's just go!! It looked threatening but it could blow over and it was all supposed to be out of the area by noon! It was already about 9:00 so we stood a good chance. We would be getting back on the Erie Canal Trail, so how bad could it be, we knew it would be flat!

It was a beautiful start!! The temperature is only supposed to reach the low 70's so already we are cooler and it is very peaceful! Clearly we are out of Rochester! Not that we ever really experienced a big city problem, only when we had to get off the trail to get to the hotel did we have to ride through traffic and that was only for 2 blocks. We went thru park settings, passed a few early morning Sunday runners but we mostly had the trail to ourselves! The rain started very lightly, hardly noticed it! By time we reached the cute port town of Pittsford, it was raining pretty steady. Steady enough that it was not even tempting to stop in this adorable little place! Such a perfect setting with the town right along the canal, boats moored right in town, patio decks . . . But all very wet. We just kept ridding and then it got interesting. What was perfect and picturesque yesterday turned into torture today! The hard packed limestone trail was now turning into a muddy, sloppy mess! It mostly stayed firm under our tires but puddles were starting to form and the worst part was the finer gravel flying up off our tires and covering everything!! Our legs, shoes, bags, panniers and chains were coverd in this stuff! It was raining REALLY hard now! The trail took us right thru a trailer park and onto the worst part of the trail we have seen. Narrow trail, larger rocks and puddles with soft bottoms that made our bikes wobble! It just wasn't a very nice day so far!! Even if we had stayed put for another day in our cozy hotel, riding on the trail the next day would still have thrown up the sandy mess we dealt with today, the trail would take several days to dry out in this humidity. So, we advanced our trip 25 miles today and gave in, we were just done riding for the day. It was exhausting!!

Palmyra is known as the "starting place of the Mormon Church". We are in the neighborhood of James Smith farm and the first churches. What I have learned is the Sacred Woods is located in this vicinity. These are the woods where James Smilth knelt in prayer and received his "guidance".

We have about 700 miles left of this epic journey!! I am trying to not think about the end and fill up my mind with the amazing adventures we have left! Tomorrow we should be following Lake Ontario for a small distance then we soon cross into Vermont and I believe the terrain will start to climb again and bet more mountainous!! We have been so spoiled for almost two months as the route has been virtually flat!! I am very excited to see what it out there waiting for us!! We should be able to get back to camping as the weather clears, cools down and more state parks and campgrounds pop up!

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