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Water gushing down the ravine


Today we headed back to Kandersteg to go up to Oeschinensee. This time there was no problem parking although it was relatively busy. When we got to the top we decided we would walk the Panoramic trail taking us away from the vast majority of the visitors who were heading to the lake.

The trail took us high above the lake, traversing ravines and streams up to Heuberg at 1,950m. The walk gave breath-taking views down to the Oeschinensee as well as views of the nearby Blümlisalp group of mountains. As we neared the far end of the lake we got views of a series of waterfalls. The descent from the heights down to the lake was steep but the path was good.

After a rest and refreshment at the little café we started our final part of the walk along the edge of the lake but under the cliff face. By now it had started to rain and like many of the other walkers we needed to get off the mountain. We turned a bend in the trail and realised with other walkers that one of the ravines we needed to cross was swollen with gushing water coming from above. We stood and looked. Fortunately, there was digger and the driver was picking up and placing huge rocks in the ravine so walkers could get across. With a little help from the digger driver we got across. Daisy who does not like water managed to get across with a little encouragement without her getting her feet too wet!

There was one final obstacle with a small stream but one of the walkers had place a sturdy piece of wood across so it was easily traversed.

It was an enjoyable walk, exiting at times, but it also reminded us how quickly weather conditions change in the mountains and always be alert.

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